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Wingtech obtains AEO certificate issued by customs


On April 19, 2023, Kunming Wenxun Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kunming Wenxun"), a subsidiary of Wingtech, was awarded the AEO Advanced Certification by the customs. Jiang Xingpei, Deputy Commissioner of Kunming Customs, Dai Huiming, member of the Kunming Municipal Government Party Group, and other leaders visited Wingtech Kunming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park to attend the awarding ceremony and issue the AEO Advanced Certification to Kunming Wenxun.


AEO, also known as "Authorized Economic Operator", is a system advocated by the World Customs Organization, which recognizes enterprises with high credit status, compliance with the law, and security level through customs certification, and provides them with customs clearance privileges and convenience.

It is understood that the advanced certification enterprise is the highest credit rating granted by China Customs currently. Through mutual recognition of AEO among customs of various countries (regions), it gives the honest and law-abiding enterprises  with the greatest degree of customs clearance convenience. Enterprises can obtain preferential measures from three dimensions of "the most convenient customs, the most favorable domestic and the most internationally recognized". Therefore, AEO has become a valuable "golden signboard" for enterprises in international trade, known as the "green passport" for international trade.


At the awarding ceremony, Jiang Xingpei, Deputy Commissioner of Kunming Customs, Dai Huiming, member of the Kunming Municipal Government Party Group, and other leaders congratulated Kunming Wenxun on obtaining the AEO advanced certification.

Jiang Xingpei, deputy customs officer of Kunming Customs, said that obtaining the AEO certificate is an affirmation and encouragement of the company's honest management and standardized management. He hopes that enterprises will cherish their honor, make full use of various preferential policies, turn policy advantages into development advantages, and achieve rapid development.

He further pointed out that the AEO training in Kunming has achieved "Kunming speed". Within half a year, the enterprise passed the cultivation of the customs, quickly improved and established the internal standard management system, optimized the system upgrade, and managed everything according to the requirements of the customs and operated in compliance with the law. It fully proves that from the management level to the executive level, the company can achieve rapid response, actively make breakthroughs, and attach importance to establishing a sound management system.

Relevant leaders in Kunming thanked the customs and government departments at all levels for their help and support, and expressed that they will continue to strengthen management in the future so that the company's various production and operation activities continue to meet the requirements of advanced customs certification enterprises. The company will continue to improve the system, process and system construction, operate in compliance with the law, and declare in compliance, all in accordance with the relevant standards of the customs. To ensure that the honor of AEO certificate will never fade, and through the continuous efforts of the company, it will shine brightly.


Obtaining the AEO certificate this time is another honor obtained by Kunming Wenxun after being approved to carry out bonded maintenance business outside the special customs supervision area this year, which will help the company to further develop the international market and enhance its international competitiveness and influence.

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