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2022 WingTech-Nexperia Shanghai Elite 10k race


Officially announced! 2022 Wingtech-Nexperia Shanghai Elite 10K Race is coming


Time and Place

The event will be held at 7:30a.m.

November 6 (Sunday)

Changfeng Area, Putuo District



10K race (4000 Participants)


10km Run

Starting pointGuangfu West Road (Yinghua International Plaza)

Ending point:  Yunling East Road (Shanghai Convention & Exhibiton Center of International Sourcing)

Passing through Guangfu West Road, Daduhe Road,Zaoyang Road, Yunling East road, Zhenbei Road,Changfeng Park,etc.

Note: the detailed routes are subject to the route map published before the race.


Meet at the starting line of 10K as promised

To protect everyone's health and safety

Epidemic prevention and control requires the cooperation of every runner


Face information collection will take place during the pre-registration phase

To ensure the accuracy of the entry information

Runners who register for the race using their ID card

Face information collection can be carried out during the pre-registration stage

Runners who completed the collection of face information last year do not need to repeat the collection

You can enter the registration process directly

Runners who successfully completed the collection of face information

You do not need to bring your original ID on the day of the event

Quick entry is possible by brushing your face~


Before you collect your equipment

Runners must get on the Horse App

Book a time in advance for equipment collection

All runners must submit it on the day of the pick-up

A negative nucleic acid test report 48 hours before receiving equipment

and the "Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment Letter" signed and confirmed by me

After passing temperature measurement, identification and health code verification

to collect equipment


All runners are required on the day of the race

A negative nucleic acid test report was made 24 hours before the race

to enter the event site

Free nucleic acid testing services will be provided at the equipment collection site on November 5

Runners who come to collect their equipment on the same day can perform nucleic acid tests on the spot

to ensure a valid 24-hour pre-race nucleic acid report on November 6

Ben Ben here is a special reminder

Runners who come to collect their equipment before November 4th

Remember to complete the nucleic acid test on November 5th!




This year ASICS will be the first presentation sponsor this year

Join hands with Shanghai 10km Classic

Provide runners with both professional and practical equipment

The race backpack and quick-drying T-shirt are in dark green as the main color

Running with a hand-painted villain

Breaking through the streamlined ribbon of abstraction from a Shanghai landmark is the core of the design

I hope to inject upward vitality into the city with the momentum of breaking the speed


The medal was designed with the slogan of the 10km Classic

Echoes the elements of Putuo's landmark architecture

The texture of the gold sand bottom is even more elegant and chic

"Charge up, ten to deserve"

It will become the most powerful witness for everyone to break through themselves


From 15:00 on September 22 to 12:00 on September 26

Log in to the official website of Shangma or the Shangma APP

Choose the 2022 Wingtai Classic Shanghai 10km Classic

Pay the registration fee of 100 yuan / person to complete the pre-registration


The results of the draw will be announced on the afternoon of September 28

The payment time is from the announcement of the lottery results until 17:00 on September 30

All runners who win the lottery must complete the payment by the specified time

Otherwise, it will be regarded as a waiver of the quota