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Shining at CIIE | Wingtech launches automotive qualified camera


On November 6th, the second day of the China International Import Expo, Wingtech's(Nexperia) booth attracted many visitors and won wide acclaim with its many innovative products. In particular, automotive camera products have received a lot of attention.

At the CIIE, Wingtech displayed a CMS camera, which can replace the traditional left and right exterior mirrors. This camera product has significant advantages, small size, which helps to reduce wind resistance and fuel consumption; ultra-wide angle, can significantly avoid blind spots; rain and fog, effectively reduce the interference of rain and fog weather, clearer driving vision in dark environments at night; real-time monitoring Rear vehicle distance speed and safety warning.



Automobiles are another major smart terminal field after mobile phones. Wingtech's three major businesses innovate and empower each other in terms of technology, supply chain, and market, so as to fully deploy the automobile market.

Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology, is a world-leading semiconductor company and a leader in Automotive qualified semiconductors in China. It has strong automotive-grade semiconductor R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and maintains long-term and close relationships with Tier 1 suppliers and major automakers. Wingtech Communication has established cooperative relations with a number of OEMs, Tier 1, and chip suppliers in terms of smart cockpits and smart connectivity, etc. The smart cockpit products produced for domestic new energy vehicle manufacturers have been mass-produced and shipped. Delta Technology is a mainstream supplier in the imaging field with industry-leading technology.

Under the synergy of the three major businesses, Wingtech Technology has officially entered the vehicle camera market by relying on Delta Technology's profound technical accumulation in the optical field. As an important medium for cars to perceive the outside world, in-vehicle cameras benefit from the increase in ADAS penetration and the improvement of intelligent driving levels, and have a huge market space. The launch of Wingtech's in-vehicle camera has laid a solid foundation for Wingtech to enter the broader automotive electronics market.


At present, the cooperation of Wingtech's vehicle camera project is progressing smoothly. For example, the camera device of the e-mirror project of an international brand car has been sent for samples. In addition, a number of In-Cabin camera projects with a Tier1 manufacturer are under development review.

Looking forward to the future, Wingtech will expand the business scope of in-vehicle cameras, including not only CMS cameras, ADAS cameras, DIMS cameras, but also more solutions, such as electronic rearview mirrors, surround view cameras, intelligent driving domain controllers and intelligent driving algorithms etc.

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